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The Salon at Gold Canyon

Marketing Graphics, Publications and Campaigns for a thriving hair salon.

The salon is unique because it is located in a region that receives a tremendous amount of seasonal visitors. In the summers, when business is slow, we've created two campaigns; "We Love Our Locals to honor the locals who remain year round and "B.O.B." (Beauty on a Budget) to encourage new clientele.

We designed these 24x18 A Frame signs that the salon dispays in the shopping center where they are located.

We ran these advertisements in the local press.

The We Love Our Locals Program morphed into a Summer Loyalty Program and included these punchcards.

Below is the front and back of the main service menu card; designed to coordinate with the website.

A small Mens services menu for a marketing campaign to entice more men into the salon.

The Lather Luxury punchcard Campaign

The "Who Does Your Do" Campaign

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