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Graphic Design

We create logos, business cards, flyers and other promotional matierials to brand your business. As the owner of a business, you want your business to reflect who you are, while appealing to and tempting new customers. Branding is a critical part of a successful business. We create materials that make your business uniquely recognizable and stand out from your competition. We offer fast turn around time and happily accept last minute work whenever possible.

If you'd like to toss some ideas around, contact Blissful Web Ventures and let us help.

Here are some samples of our work.


Photobooth Border designs





Photo Booth Borders

A sampling of our photobooth and digital photo station border designs.




Marketing materials created for Long Real Estate Agent, George Manuilow.



No Fuss Photo Booths

A Collection of graphic design and marketing tools.



The Salon at Gold Canyon

A Collection of graphic design and marketing campaigns.



Logo Design

Logos for a variety of business.



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